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Basically, title.

I have no idea what is the best from a cost/performance/reliability perspective.

I usually use catbox.moe, but got a few issues today, so I was thinking that having all of the content I post to one hoster might cause issue if they were to go down one day.

What do you think?

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On n'a pas encore les détails, mais c'est un grand soulagement.

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The Oversimplified SCP is a web-based comic series that documents the SCP Foundation. The series is presented in a simplified and humorous manner.

  • Alternative Name: Introducing SCP roughly
  • Genre(s):Horror,Mystery,Sci Fi,Supernatural
  • Author(s): SCP Foundation writers
  • Artist(s): 松(A・TYPEcorp.)
  • Status(s):Ongoing Oversimplified SCP 174 will coming soon

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Every day. (lemmy.world)
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I am America.

I am the blue sky above you.

I am the rainbow puddle in a parking lot

that you must step over.

I am your commute to work.

I am the dead dog on the side of the highway,


I am pride,

and I am ignorance.

I am the underpaid teacher

and the kid selling weed.

I am all your faults.

I am all your dreams.

I am the man in line

not wearing a mask.

I am your lack of healthcare.

I am your uncle, your sister,

your friend.

I am America.

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Sleep tight. (lemmy.world)
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Imaaagination (lemmy.world)
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Hi everyone

Do you know if it's possible to easily copy the seed of an image without having to click on "Info" then include seed" and then copy the seed?

Thanks for reading

  • Microsoft inadvertently highlighted the benefits of using a local account over a Microsoft account on Windows 11 in a recent support page update.
  • Using a local account allows for offline sign-in, is independent of cloud services, and limits settings, files, and applications to a single device, enhancing privacy.
  • Despite these benefits, Microsoft requires internet access or workarounds for the initial setup of Windows 11, making it challenging to use a local account from the start.
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They span nearly half a century and paint a picture of a serial predator.

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Source: https://www.world-nuclear-news.org/Articles/Westinghouse-increases-its-presence-in-Canada

Westinghouse has opened a new global engineering hub in Kitchener, Ontario, to support its growing Candu and global new-build business. Canada is now the third largest engineering centre for the AP1000.

The new 13,000-square-foot (1208-square-metre) facility will be home to global design engineering teams dedicated to supporting the Candu operating fleet and international projects, as well as the global deployment of Westinghouse new-build technologies - including the AP1000 reactor, AP300 small modular reactor and eVinci microreactor. The site features high-tech training capabilities and a laboratory dedicated to further advancing the company's leading fire protection engineering services.

The Kitchener site is one of Westinghouse's five global engineering hubs that drive advancements in the delivery of nuclear energy technology. The location - chosen from a shortlist of 15 cities globally - was selected for its proximity to customers and supply chain, as well as to the University of Waterloo and other colleges and universities.

Westinghouse said the opening of the new facility "further demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to Canada, its customers and its workforce".

"We are immensely proud to continue investing in Canada and to grow our presence in this dynamic energy market," said Westinghouse President and CEO Patrick Fragman. "Today, Westinghouse has more than 250 employees based in Canada across a diverse range of technical and professional roles. The new engineering hub in Kitchener will expand our employee base with approximately 100 additional engineers by 2025. This - coupled with our robust domestic supply chain and our proven technology offerings - uniquely positions Westinghouse to meet Canada’s clean energy needs for generations to come."

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic said: "We're thrilled that Westinghouse has chosen to Kitchener, joining the many other global organisations that have seen so much potential in the City of Kitchener and our local ecosystem that they decided to make a home here.

"Establishing one of its five global engineering hubs in our community - and the only one in Canada - will bring new jobs and continue an exciting chapter in our long history of research and development, innovation, and collaboration."

In February, Westinghouse released a comprehensive, independent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers outlining the significant economic impact from deploying four AP1000 reactors in Ontario. Their deployment could have an impact of more than CAD28.7 billion (USD21.2 billion) on Canada's GDP during the manufacturing, engineering and construction phase alone, the study found.

In November last year, the provincial government of Saskatchewan announced it was providing CAD80 million (USD59 million) for the Saskatchewan Research Council to pursue the demonstration of a microreactor in Saskatchewan, with plans for a Westinghouse-designed eVinci microreactor to be operational in the province from 2029.


Winner: Boros Burn

Continuing the age-old tradition of "Nice brew, lightning bolt to face?"

Horror story (lemmy.zip)
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