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Apologies for the late thread!

What have you all been playing? I've been playing a ton of elden ring to get ready for the dlc :) suuuuper excited!

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The format of these posts is simple: let's discuss a specific game or series!

Let's discuss The Sims. What is your favorite game in the series? What aspects do you like about it? What doesn't work for you? Are there other games that gave you similar feelings? Feel free to share any thoughts that come up, or react to other peoples comments. Let's get the conversation going!

If you have any recommendations for games or series for the next post(s), please feel free to DM me or add it in a comment here (no guarantees of course).

Previous entries: Half-Life, Earthbound / Mother, Mass Effect, Metroid, Journey, Resident Evil, Polybius, Tetris, Telltale Games, Kirby, LEGO Games, DOOM, Ori, Metal Gear, Slay the Spire

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"The closure of any team is hard obviously on the individuals there, hard on the team," Spencer said. "I haven't been talking publicly about this, because right now is the time for us to focus on the team and the individuals. It's obviously a decision that's very hard on them, and I want to make sure through severance and other things that we're doing the right thing for the individuals on the team. It's not about my PR, it's not about Xbox PR. It's about those teams.

"In the end, I've said over and over, I have to run a sustainable business inside the company and grow, and that means sometimes I have to make hard decisions that frankly are not decisions I love, but decisions that somebody needs to go make.

"We will continue to go forward. We will continue to invest in what we're trying to go do in Xbox and build the best business we can, which ensures we can continue to do shows like the one we just did."

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I always wanted to try this game when I was a kid. When checking out reviews on Steam I noticed someone mention that Sega was giving it away for free for their 60th anniversary (a few years ago), and that website is still up and running. Long story short, I tried it and it works. Replacing the localhost part of the URL was necessary as the screenshot mentions.

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I don't know man, it looks like another unoptimized game...

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Really excited we're getting more content for Alan Wake 2! Not so excited that they're just now offering a physical edition.

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Looks like things are going to get really interesting


Been enjoying punch out and super punch out and wondering if there are similar games out there. Any recommendations?


The new UI elements are very cool imo

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Hello, I just finished the game I was playing (Book of Demons, would give it 7/10) and I'm looking what to play next.

I don't have as much time for gaming as I used to (job, children, etc.) so I usually have about an hour at the evening to play. Some games are tough to fit into this because it breaks immersion too much and everyday having to remember when I left just to quit soon after is just... tedious? Wrong? Idk and I don't want to spoil good games with it.

My friend gifted me Disco Elysium for christmas and it looks ver promising. But is it possible to squeeze it into this schedule? Or does it break the game too much? Thank you for your input.


The tech strore has a capcom arcade cabinet, its one of those multi game ones

Seems to be this model


The marvel vs capcom2 one

Why are cabinets so expensive?

I get they are bulky and licences exist but how do like 15 games make a 200 euro price increase

Medieval Dynasty Game Files (lemmy.giftedmc.com)

Hi! I'm knee deep into a Medieval Dynasty Playthrough with a couple of friends and as usual I feel the urge to use spreadsheets with this type of games.

There are a couple of very cool resources out there but some are outdated and I dont want to search forever until I find one that is well maintained.

Does anyone know if the prices of the items are stored somewhere in a readable format? If so, feel free to let me know where. I went through the files on my linux steam install but aside from some texts I havent found anything useful so far.

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

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What are you all playing? I've been trying out the slay the spire downfall mod a bit. Got some wins with the new characters. A lot of fun!


So, I just got past the episode of the timeskip where Luffy's training of

Tap for spoilerHaki takes place

. I really enjoy the story and the character development. I was considering purchasing the Burning Blood game. However, I'm a bit hesitant and wanted to ask if it's 'okay' to get it at this stage of the story. Will the game spoil a lot of the story for me, or can I enjoy it without major spoilers?

Note: wasn’t sure which community to post this, there were like 3 gaming communities. So apologies if this isn’t the right one to be in.


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My first game just entered Open Beta Test - turn based strategy with toy army men - Bedroom Battlegrounds

Hello all, I'm happy to announce that I've just opened beta test for my first Steam game release, which will be available between 30.05 and 02.06.

This is a turn based strategy game, where you play with toy army men trying to conquer your opponent on the other side of the room. Available in single player mode against the AI, or local multiplayer, also via Steam Remote Play.

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2776110/Bedroom_Battlegrounds/

I'd be very happy to hear your feedback, which you can send over here, or through a dedicated feedback form. https://forms.office.com/r/nvt7vAz9kF Your feedback will play a crucial role in enhancing the game before releasing the demo for the upcoming Steam Next Fest, and subsequently full version of the game later this year.

Looking forward to hear your feedback. Happy conquering!

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Archive link: http://archive.today/c0FEu

Some key highlights:

Dave & Buster’s [...] recently announced plans to let patrons place real-money bets on the company’s main attraction: its arcade games.

The suburban gaming den’s new betting operation is part of a partnership with Lucra Sports, a technology company that describes its product as “gamification services.” In practical terms, Lucra licenses its software to other businesses, allowing them to integrate certain kinds of betting into their existing apps and websites. Lucra deals in the kinds of bookie-free “peer to peer” bets—say, on the results of a night of bowling or a game of pickup basketball—that might have previously been sealed with a handshake.

The chain is expected to roll out all of this in the coming months, and it will be available only to adults

Beyond that, neither Dave & Buster’s nor Lucra Sports—which both declined to comment—is saying what kinds of betting will be allowed and at what scale.

Gambling on games of skill has a much easier time cruising past legal roadblocks.

Because of these legal distinctions, Lucra Sports—which has financial backing from a host of sports executives and professional athletes, including former Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry and former NFL player Emmanuel Sanders—says its services are legal on some level in 45 US states.

Even in their relatively milquetoast skill-game form, these kinds of betting services normalize something that feels a lot like traditional gambling as most Americans now experience it

Kids too young to grasp how football works or what betting on it might mean will soon be able to encounter a version of it at the arcade, potentially priming them to open their own betting accounts once they hit legal age.

That Dave & Buster’s would decide to dive in right now is best read as an indicator of just how nervous traditional entertainment industries have become about gambling and its capacity to devour their customer base and its disposable income. In its 2022 annual report, Dave & Buster’s identified the spread of legalized gambling as an existential threat, even as the company was continuing to grow and its stock price was soaring.

this move feels motivated more by the fear of being left behind while others profit than by a genuine belief in the value of the product itself.

The vision that’s dancing in executives’ heads, I have no doubt, is something akin to the opportunity to be a little Las Vegas in every American suburb. They should probably be more wary of the likelier—and grimmer—alternative: becoming something closer to most of the other casinos in America, where no parent would ever dream of throwing their kid’s birthday party.


I've been waiting for new game plus to replay, but it sounds like that just may not be in the works.

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