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It's important information but not really a very beautiful or useful way of presenting it.

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A tiny amount for such a large corporation. The only message this sends to them is that it's worth employing death squads.

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This is not a man renowned for his good judgement.

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Bike Index tried to get Meta—then Facebook—to remove Constru-Bikes’ Facebook pages. The efforts hit a brick wall. The company directed Bike Index to click a button to report criminal behavior—“which does nothing,” said Hance. “We clicked it dozens of times,” he told me. “It’s like the button at the crosswalk.” He finally reached an engineer (and cyclist) at the company who said they'd relayed Hance’s concerns to a team that deals with such issues. The reply: The team is focused on other issues, and “there wasn’t much that could be done,” Hance relayed to me. “There’s just nobody at the helm, just nobody fucking driving the bus,” Hance said. (In an email, Meta told WIRED that it prohibits the selling or buying of stolen goods on Facebook and Instagram, and encourages people to report such activity—as Hance has done repeatedly—to the company and the police. The Constru-Bikes pages were still online as of press time.)

Well look at that, Facebook makes money from knowingly helping to sell stolen goods.

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Where is "here"?


'We're stepping up for Canadians. They're stepping up for the rich,' Trudeau says of Conservatives

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The UK under the Tories is all in on support for the genocide. And Keir Starmer isn't one to rock the boat. His priority seems to be stamping out anything good in the Labour Party.

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Why does it have a picture of Google's CEO?

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The fans will lap it up and all those Apple YouTubers will gush about how Apple's new invention is the best invention ever. Apple has the advantage of owning a cult.

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Then it's possible the sexual bit is with you.

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Some African workers have even been threatened with deportation if they do not agree to fight in Ukraine, one European official told Bloomberg.

I wonder how many choose deportation as the least worst option, or whether they're really given the choice.

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All malicious extensions detected by the researchers were responsibly reported to Microsoft for removal. However, as of writing this, the vast majority remains available for download via the VSCode Marketplace.

Ah, the Microsoft tradition of always having the wrong priorities.

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