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you must be one of them tankies /s

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I'll switch up my routine tomorrow thank you <3

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Aww <3 thank you so much for the kind words! I think you've honestly made my day :)

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Ohh that's some great advice thank you! I think the main thing I'm doing differently is the drying, I was avoiding a hair dryer unless I really needed it because I thought that can damage hair even if done right but I'll try using it consistently now to see how much of a difference it makes. The spray bottle is genius!

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😄 it's okayy, thank you <3

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Definitely! I pat it with a towel and then I let it air dry, I actually took this pic before it dried completely.

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How do I look? I've been feeling very euphoric with the new clothes but nervous if I pass or not..

But I've at least been feeling super cute lately and I try to push the doubts down. ^-^

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forget about gaming, start working out, there's this really great guru I recommend called fitgirl who will really help you repack that six pack.

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Ohhhh taking away my gender and rights as a transgender American protects my rights, I see I see.

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Simultaneously the worst and funniest feeling, is searching for a solution and most of the responses/results are to go search for it. If your answer is that searching for an answer is an easy and quick solution, you contribute to disproving yourself.

Rulerrection day (leminal.space)
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Update: Thanks to a few of y'all who got me to look at things differently I think there was a miscommunication. I called my mom, and sorta cleared things up, they said they thought that my message out to them was saying I was planning on celebrating trans day of visibility, and not just mentioning it off hand after accepting the invite. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say I am not fully convinced but I love them enough to forgive. Things have been rocky with them, my dad is teetering on the edge of ultra-conservative and still misgenders and dead-names me. In my mind there was a very real possibility my dad told my mom to dis-invite us after knowing it was a trans day.


Kinda posting to just vent, family instantly cancelled when I just mentioned it was a trans awareness day.

Crazy thing is they know me, they know we're not religious, they know that all we'd like to do is just see family (most importantly the two doggos.) And now I'm not going to be getting to do that and I just feel pretty hurt after this. I've sent some messages back and forth and they've re-invited us, but without a clear explanation or sincere apology, my partner doesn't feel comfortable around them now. I agree with her, so we won't be going.

This is the first overtly discriminatory thing I have experienced from them, and it is just so strange this is what hill they decided to claim.

I hate being a social war politic pawn, any other situation, birthday falling on the same day, solar event, or an "acceptable" awareness day, would have been met with open arms. They've just treated us as degenerates.

I wasn't expecting or wanting anything, other than perhaps a minor acknowledgement, just getting cancelled on is bizarre and I can only see it as hateful or at least extremely overly defensive over my perceived motives?

Well idk after this I feel like on march 31st it would have been really fun if I spent the day misgendering them so they could experience a taste of some of the experiences I have. But I'm still just hurt, I would have loved to get a hug from my mom and sis and pet the dogs.

Hopefully this follows the rule and venting is ok, this is my first post here and I would have rather it be something more lighthearted but I just want support and validation after this.

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Spoiler alert: It was his heart.

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congrats, better than a wannabe fascist dictator is now being great

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If they really want to make a good movie with some decisive social commentary it should be about mickey enslaved by a "nameless" corporation (because of course everything else is copyrighted and trademarked still) and escaping. Would make an interesting thriller, there's a lot that could be done to criticize copyright and the companies that abuse the system and their labor force.

Someone make this please, the idea is free (and so is the character)

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