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The point would be to at least get something out of Biden. Not just to give up without any demands. Bluffs and all that.

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https://imgur.com/anarchism-flowchart-5IaMhHO (too large to paste here, you may even have to gasp download it)

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Don't trust vegetarians

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Hence, the problem of allowing misinformation to circulate and fantasies to be fostered and built.

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Good luck with that definition, lol.

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The UPF fanboys are 0% aware that we've had "whole foods" (WFPB) as a diet recommendation for a very long time.

This is why it's a red flag. The obsession with UPF looks like backdoor-paleo bullshit.

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So you were purposefully undermining yourself?

Because I wanted to give you some leeway to understand the some of nuances in this complex issue.

The fact that you're trying to accuse me of NOT CHERRY PICKING THE MOST FAVORABLE ARTICLES is exceedingly disappointing.

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I love how you think that I didn't read it. As if you can imagine what's in my head. Very disappointing for a so called skeptic.

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I need to graffiti my walls so I remember that we live in the stupid timeline.

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easy emotional messaging × a lot of funding from rich assholes of all types × great means of communication that can target audiences even in isolation.


spoilerprivate business interests


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India’s heat waves are attributed to a combination of short-term weather patterns and long-term warming trends fueled by human-caused climate change. Residents in India’s sprawling capital are often particularly affected, because dense buildings, roads, cars and air conditioners contribute to urban heat, experts say.

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