It would just be nice to know what the heck happened.


It would just be nice to know what the heck happened.

[-] HubertManne@kbin.social 91 points 2 months ago

get a good education and work hard and you will be rewarded.


Please help! Argh! Im thinking about it right now. Get these thoughts out of my head.

[-] HubertManne@kbin.social 87 points 2 months ago

it sucks so bad that the internet initially looked like this thing that would enlighten the world and allow for us as a species to make incredible gains in sciences and culture and morality. instead it seemed to do the opposite.

hello (kbin.social)

subscribing. been looking for something like this. sometimes I have something that does not really have to do with anything and I want to let it out. will post when I have something if I remember.

Are we cut off? (kbin.social)

I can only get my subscriptions and not the all feed. I feel like maybe I am only getting kbin content.


I have not seen an option so replying to a thread seems to be the only way that I can tell.


So when someone submitted a url at least at one point it would show up on the right and you could block it. So if someone posted a newsweek link you could block any link postings from like newsweek.com or maybe reddit.com or google.com. Lately though I have not been able to. It seemed to disapear at some point. I have not seen it as an option in a long time.

Reporting? (kbin.social)

So im pretty happy with users just being able to block and control things themselves but there has been posts from this somali call girls account where I feel like the extra step of reporting is warranted.

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I still don't get how folks don't love this president. All these things are great for typical folks like me.

[-] HubertManne@kbin.social 97 points 7 months ago

this again is why I will pipe in I like biden. So many things have come out of the agencies of this administration. He can't make congress function but he can sure as heck streamline stuff at the executive level.

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no one should be billionaires.

[-] HubertManne@kbin.social 105 points 7 months ago

People just are unwilling to take free stuff. Im always trying to give away free semen and I do most of the work to boot.


Where I am in america you can get a buy a gun when you reach 18, alcohol when you reach 21 and cough syrup when you reach 40.

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corporations given constitutional rights in the us like living people.

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this is the attitude I like. Don't release something unless it massively better than what came before.

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says ceo of blackstone who is over leveraged in commercial real estate while talking to saudis.

submitted 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago) by HubertManne@kbin.social to c/climate@kbin.social

Question is in title. My searching is actually rather disturbing this morning as the results are fillled with industry fud and not what im looking for. What im really trying to find is a graph of oil produced historically because I recall we used to get something like a 50 barrel return but now we get single digits.

Edited - thanks for the info. kbin has an issue or at least my account does for some magazines where I can't see any replies when logged in so I can see it from a non logged in browser but can't reply so im replying in my post. EROI fits what I was looking for but if anyone finds a nice historical chart for it specifically with oil that would be great but with the EROI term I think I will be able to find it.

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Hello police. Yes im traveling behind a vehicle that is labled as carrying a pathogen and it obviously does not look like it would meet requirments for that type of transport. Yes. Yes. I would think homeland security would make sense. Seems an ask questions later situation for sure.

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"What I wasn’t told was that we had 70,000 hard-coded references to Sacramento. And there’s still shit that’s broken because of it.”" Im pretty sure he was told but was either not really listening or comprehending.


It bothers me as I feel she was fired do to her doing her job and sticking to her guns on what the correct thing to do given the data. FYI im on kbin and my notifications page is not working so I may not respond so well.


I tend to use maps from a search browser and it suddenly occurred to me that if the search engine I used defaulted to open street maps I would use it. Do any search engines default map searches to open street maps?

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I need an engine where if I put something in quotes it appears on the site, visible to the human eye. sure sure it can ignore case, but otherwise the damn word or phrase should be there.

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