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[-] otp@sh.itjust.works 9 points 2 days ago

This meme is getting ridiculous.

What is a "Mario-like"?

A platformer? 2D or 3D? Kart racer? A party board game?

I don't get why tech writers are afraid of genres.

[-] bilb@lem.monster 5 points 2 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago)

I think it fits, because it looks like it would feel exactly like Super Mario World.

[-] otp@sh.itjust.works 3 points 1 day ago

So it's a 2D platformer?

And it's very different from Mario 64, which would also be a "Mario-like"...

So this game is a "Mario-like", and also not at all a "Mario-like". And that's not even getting into the Karts and the Parties...

[-] bilb@lem.monster 2 points 1 day ago

So the most accurate and helpful descriptor would be "mario-like 2d platformer," but then you might have no reason to click on the link if you're a weirdo who thinks "Oh, that might mean a game like Mario Party!" ;)

[-] OmegaMouse@pawb.social 6 points 2 days ago

I wasn't sure what to make of 'gay furry Mario-like'.... But the gameplay actually looks pretty polished - clearly inspired by SMB3! I'll give the demo a go.

[-] jaxiiruff@lemmy.zip 4 points 2 days ago
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