A reconstrução do Rio Grande do Sul (emdefesadocomunismo.com.br)
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  1. You should, this is a huge achievement that has been worked on for quite a while now.
  2. You can, actually. I live in a pretty small town and it picks up my location quite well for the weather.
  3. Even if it didn't, one issue doesn't mean we're not allowed to celebrate anything, and the issue in this case isn't even with GNOME itself, but with the provider for the Weather app (I believe it's OpenWeather).
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I mean, there's always another option beyond W11, if you catch my drift

*loud penguin noises*

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laughs in penguin

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It looks like they are riding the AI wave to bring more features that are just good, local ML-based, and I'm all in for it. Firefox Translation is a great recent example, it's good.

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microplastics are stored in the balls

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People really need to kill that notion that telemetry is automatically bad. If the information they are collecting is minimal, as non-identifiable as possible and actually being used to help develop the browser, it's a good thing.

Yes, turbo nerds in the back, specially being opt-out, opt-in telemetry is pretty much useless for trying to understand the majority of your user base.

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I personally see as benefiting us Linux users by forcing the rare website that "doesn't work with your operating system" to work if they want to reach that sweet over-a-billion-user Android market. Win-win for pretty much everyone.

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They are a video creator first and foremost, not a writer for a blog or a magazine. It's like demanding a janitor to make and serve you a meal just because they work in a kitchen.

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obligatory reply to obligatory xkcd

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Touch grass or look into the thing before spreading FUD

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Unpopular opinion but I'd rather see wider worldwide availability before having a hardware refresh. Getting more Decks out there should be on top of the list before trying to sell upgrades, specially when the current deck does so much already.

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Jesus bellydancing Christ people, read beyond the title of the post for once. This is good.

This will enable results that aren't biased by the few users who find the option to opt-in (when it's not presented front and center) or actively answer to surveys.

They are taking as much care as possible with their words to make it clear that THEY DO NOT WANT TO TRACK YOU OR ABUSE YOUR DATA, it's just what's necessary for studies to better understand the users' needs.

  • You will have the chance to disable it front and center during the setup process;
  • No data will be sent before an active confirmation from the user during the setup process;
  • You will be able to fetch the data at any point to check what's being collected
  • They are reaching out to the community for guidance on what type of data we find acceptable or not
  • You can have an active participation on the building of this tool

And specially this, for the OH GOD, ITS THE END OF THE LINOX DESKTOP among you:


Not only there's no reason to overreact, this could be the start of something beautiful for the Linux desktop, where the users not only actively participate but actively control their data

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