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These "why I left the left" grifters, if their prominences don't lead reasonable people to believe how society engineered to stear us conservative. Then recall James Comey a couple weeks before the 2016 election. Which candidate's investigation did he tell the world about, which did he stay mum on? Which investigation was BS, which one showed strong links to foreign agents?

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She was killed. The IDF fired three separate missiles and each one hit a vehicle in the convoy.

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Deep down in the vox article, it says Glossip was not present for the murder. I live in Oklahoma and been following the story for awhile now. It's one of those cases where they arrested the murderer, but that wasn't enough for them. So they made a deal with the murderer to testify against Glossip like he's a criminal mastermind. The murderer was untrustworthy, then dies in prison, and that testimony is the only solid evidence they have against Glossip. I feel so bad for Glossip.

Our criminal justice is run by criminals y'all.

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Are we sure it's AI?

I've heard of this scam happening maybe a decade ago with my extended family. The voice was a real person overseas with a lot of exp tricking grandparents. Scammers only had basic information.

They act as a freaked out kid and the victim gets roped in. They scam for thousands of dollars each time, even succeeding a few times a day would net a big profit. Also cell connections are low fidelity, I bet that aids their ability to trick the victim.

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Twitch is run like a private equity acquisition. The rates they are forced to pay their parent company, Amazon, are above market value. Twitch's services will get worse and worse for both streamers and viewers until all the equity is sucked dry. Late stage capitalism y'all.

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I don't want Trump to get another term. And Biden putting on his big boy pants and doing popular things is our best chance to preventing a second Trump term. It's retail politics, not rocket science.

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When you read these stories just remember the leaders who profit off these products are shielded from their cost saving decisions. Late stage capitalism y'all.

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What's it called when Christians explain to their Jewish neighbors that any criticism of the Israeli government is actually anti-Semitism?

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Gross negligence can and should be brought up in a civil case. But criminal law is a different animal. People get killed all the time, but you don't get charged for murder when it's obviously an accident. Even involuntary manslaughter probably has too high a bar for a rich person to get convicted. Remember the afluenza kid?

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Hyperbole has always been at the center abortion debate. But the kick is, all these pro lifers are perfectly fine with abortion when it's done for them or their loved ones.


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I bought an 4.7 rated amplifier on Amazon that broke the first day. Looking at the reviews closer, I noticed they were 100% paid reviewers.

When I tried to leave a negative review, Amazon stopped me, giving a generic message about fake reviews on this product. This product is still out their with a high rating and no way for actual purchasers like me to warn other customers.

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The cult of Reagan complaining how the cult of Trump won't work with others. The missing subtext being the cult of Reagan refusing to work with anyone not in a cult. A tale as old as 2016

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