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Here's my personal rule: any product / company heavy-handed enough to get past my strict ad filtering online, or advertises enough offline to get on my radar immediately goes into my never-buy list.

Example of that: NordVPN and Brilliant. They managed to bribe so many of the Youtubers I watch - who otherwise produce good, honest content - into shilling their shit that they will never get a dime from me. They might have if they hadn't invaded so much of Youtube, but now they won't.

I looked at it, but it's not highway-capable. If it was a bit faster, I'd buy one.

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I guess what I mean by side effect is the vehicle refusing to start to force you to "fix" it, or artificially reducing performances, or (lesser evil) leaving an error code and/or a light on on the dash all the time. If it loses GPS, OnStar or some other connected feature, well... that's a small price to pay for privacy.

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With no side effect?

That's great advice! That sure puts the Chevy Bolt near the top of my list. Thanks!

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I rock a Fairphone4 running CalyxOS. Apart from the hardware switches on the Purism phone, I don't quite see what I'm missing out on privacy-wise.

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The camera does not take influencer quality photos

That's actually a selling feature.

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I gave $20 to the friendly wino who lives in the dumpster down my street. He's reported a income growth of 1000% for today.

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Interesting. I didn't know some cars had a separate module. I just did a quick search about this but I couldn't find much. But it was only a quick search.

Thanks for the tip!

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That’s a far better option for the environment. I can’t speak on the privacy aspect since who knows what your bus system does.

Yes that's true, especially since half of our city's fleet is now electric.

The bus is great and I usually like it, especially since I don't like driving so much. But here's the thing: I'm getting older, and it's getting more and more tiring to change buses and wait outside in the dead of winter when it's zero degrees out, and doing a 50-minute commute that only takes 20 minutes by car. I'm all for the environment, but my creaky gen-X frame is starting to complain about my lifestyle. I'm not lazy and I try my best, but I just don't have the stamina anymore.

In the winter, I find myself using my old diesel more and more out of sheer tiredness, and I'd rather not: that thing is all shades of terrible environmentally in the cold and it's not good for the engine anyway. And now with my employer essentially offering free electricity, it's really tempting to buy an EV, at least for the winter months.

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Your Ioniq 5 is connected. It doesn't require an internet connection - what car really does - but it has one, like all the others.

My questions is: can you disable it - like, completely, for sure, not using a fake button in the menu?


I have a very old diesel that I maintain religiously to make it last as long as possible, and whenever possible, I ride the bus. It's not that I wouldn't like a new car - and particularly an EV, those cars are attractive for a lot of reasons - but they all spy on their users nowadays and that's a big no-no for me. For that reason and that reason alone, I've refrained from buying a new car for years.

But now I have a good reason to buy an EV: my employer has installed solar panels on the company's roof, is in the process of installing charge points on the parking lot, and is offering all the employees free charging.

So I'm on the market for a small electric econobox to commute roughly 30 miles per day. I don't want anything fancy: just an honest-to-goodness little car with a steering wheel, an accelerator, a brake pedal and doors that lock. That's it. I don't care about creature comfort, I don't care about radio, GPS or anything else. I just want a car. And of course, of upmost importance to me, I want a car without telemetry, that doesn't spy on me and doesn't report to the mothership.

So far I think the best option is to buy one of the first gen EVs with a 2G or 3G connection that plain doesn't work anymore, and have it overhauled. The problem is, I might want to buy a more recent, possibly more efficient vehicle. Also, good luck finding someone competent to service a battery pack in my area.

If I went for a newer vehicle, what would be the best make/model to disable the internet immediately after purchase without any side effect? I've read that some models report a fault until the internet connectivity is restored, so those would be out of the question. And of course, if the antennae / SIM / 4G PCB or whatever needs to be disabled are super-hard to find, it wouldn't be ideal either.

Any way to convert a modern car into an honest vehicle, or should I keep riding the bus and give the opportunity offered by my employer a pass?

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Because I'm not interested in being sued for defamation. Even if I'm totally right and they're totally wrong, they'll bury me in legal fees. I'm not rich enough to afford the law.

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Thanks! I'll do that if my last-ditch effort to knock some sense into them doesn't work.


So this very large company who shall remain nameless distributes a proprietary software development environment that includes a patched version of a certain, well-known open-source debugging tool.

The patch is to make said open-source tool support their products. It's not even hidden or anything: the binary is sitting right there in the installation directory, it's called the exact same thing the vanilla debugger is called and when I run it on the command line, it clearly says "patched for xyz".

The tool in question is distributed under the GPLv2 and I need to modify it for my own project. So I sent an email to the company to request the source code for their modification, but they refuse by playing dumb and pretending they don't understand the question. They keep telling me the source code to their IDE is not public. I keep telling them I don't want their IDE but the source for the modified GPL backend tool they bundle with it. But no: they claim it's part of their product and they won't release it.

Anybody knows the best course of action to deal with this? It's the first company I've dealt with that explicitly refuses to honor the GPL. I don't even think it's malice: I'm fairly sure the L2 support guy handling my ticket was told to deny my request by his clueless supervisor who didn't bother escalating it. But it's also a huge company that's known to be aggressive and litigious, whereas I'm just one guy and I'm not lawyering up over this. I have other hills to die on.

Who should I pass the potato to? The FSF?


It's attractive, it looks friendly, it's genuinely good, yet for no good reason, it tries to convince you it's not really that great 🙂


It's based on the latest firmware (0.101.2) so you get all the latest drivers. And if you maintain Flipper Zero software, you can finally let uFBT use the latest SDK instead of 0.99.1.

The update went without a hitch on all my Flippers and as far as I can tell, it works very well.

Here's a walkthrough of the intro, the Momentum app and some of the desktop assets:



I know they're supposed to be good for the environment but... God I hate those caps.


Remote control your Flipper in a text terminal

Astounding absurdity (lemmy.sdf.org)
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None of what follows is new. I know this stuff happens all the time. And yet somehow this insignificant thing shocked me and it's been gnawing at me for the past few days. And today was the icing on the shit cake.

So my wife ordered a a foot massage machine. $50, typical el-cheapo thing made in China. The thing was shipped to our home out in the boonies in less than 48 hours. Wow!

My wife opened the box, got the device out onto the floor and... she couldn't fit her feet inside. She's not big, but apparently the device was designed for customers in the Shire. Unusable.

So she emailed the distributor who told her to cut the cord, send them a photo proving the destruction and throw it away herself. Not return the device. Not pretend to return the device and the device is thrown away behind her back. No no: this time, the distributor told her in no uncertain terms that it's cheaper for them to let her destroy the thing herself.

And then it hit me: here is a device that was born in China, put together by some underpaid workers in a nondescript factory, designed by someone who didn't give a shit, made out of materials that probably came out of the ground somewhere in Africa and in Saudi Arabia - probably involving child labor at some point or other - put on a boat, shipped halfway around the world, then put into a truck, only to be landfilled here.

It didn't even see a single second of use. This is utterly absurd and completely depressing.

I'm not compatible with that. When I buy something, the thing has value and I want it to have a decently useful life. It's not about ecology or money: it's just basic respect for the resources and the human labor that went into this thing. The value of the object is what it cost the Earth and the people who toiled to make it and ship it to me. When I use my things, I show respect for those who made them and it justifies the use ot the materials they're made of.

But here I was looking at that poor thing across the room, unloved and unlovable, whose sole purpose as an object was to be landfilled without ever seeing any use. It consumed resources and someone worked to make it, yet somehow it never had any value for anybody.

And the most depressing thing about it is, its very existence from Chinese factory to my local landfill is totally absurd and makes no sense at all, yet all the invididual steps that contributed to it being fabricated and ultimately landing on our doorstep were a series of perfectly rational economical decisions: someone found added value in designing and building a shit foot massage machine, my wife found it worth buying sight unseen, someone figured there was money to be made shipping it here, and the distributor decided to outsource its destruction to the customers because it's cheaper than destroying it themselves - let alone shipping it back to Shenzen or wherever. And yet when you string everything together, the net result is senseless waste and production of things that have no inherent worth. How crazy is that eh?

I couldn't throw it away. So I replaced the cord and I gave it to the local Red Cross store yesterday to give to someone in need or sell it for pennies. Today, I passed by the shop on my way to work and saw the damn thing in their garbage container behind the store. In the box. Unopened. I guess it will be going to the landfill after all...

That really put the final damper on my day today...

Sorry if this is the wrong venue, but I really needed to vent.


I've never been super-impressed by Rob Braxman. I mean he's never truly wrong in what he was saying in his Youtube videos, but his explanations are over-simplistic, a bit of a shortcut (but fair enough to reach a wide audience I guess), and mostly designed to sell his meh deGoogled cellphones and equally meh privacy services. But all in all, he's somewhat watchable and sometimes informative after I'm done watching all the new videos from the other, more interesting channels I follow.

But lately, his videos seem to have shifted markedly toward unhinged rants and sensationalist conspiracy theory. His latest video for instance is utter nonsense:

Skynet 2024: The Infrastructure is Complete!

I mean yeah, okay, technically he's talking about a real thing. But Skynet? And doomsday Terminator imagery from 1984? Really?

I'm pretty sure the man doesn't have all his fries in the cone anymore. This can't possibly be a conscious strategy to win more Youtube subscribers: this sort of video is going to lose him the part of his audience that has a genuine and technically-informed interest in privacy, and I doubt he's ever going to become a favorite of the sort of crowd who likes conspiracy theories.

Either that or Youtube is a lot stupider than I thought and he noticed an uptick in subscribers when he makes videos like that. At any rate, I really hesitate to click on any of his new videos now.


I just discovered this repo: Mitsubishi AC remote.

I have a reversible Mitsubishi AC.

Cloned the report, ufbt-launched it, and hey presto! I now have a second AC remote to fight my wife over the temperature in the living room with 🙂

Thanks Anton!


And now I have a Flipper Zero weather station:

Two years ago, I bought a cheap Denver WS-520 weather station. The head unit's LCD display turned out to be bad that I quickly shelved the device and bought another one. But I forgot the temperature sensor outside on the wall.

Today I was goofing around with Flipper and I started the weather station app just to see what it did. And lo and behold, after a few seconds, it unexpectedly beeped and reported a temperature! Then I realized the temperature sensor was still outside, still alive and is in fact a rebranded ThermoPro TX-4 supported by the app.

I'm glad I didn't resell or junk the weather station. Now I can use it again. This is awesome!


I coded my first "serious" app for the Flipper Zero this week, and it's the first time in my 30-odd years as a programmer that coding something felt slightly weird for two totally silly reasons:

  • Each time the Flipper crashes, the dolphin makes a sad face. I know it's just an animation but... somehow it bothers me each and every time 🙂

  • Most of the API calls start with Furi-something. And each time I write one, I can't help but think of this. Also, there's nothing furious about cute dolphins - apart perhaps when I keep clubbing them with null pointer dereferences... And yes, I know its stands for Flipper Universal Registry Implementation. Yet my brain can't help conjuring up images of cute dolphins being clubbed in a post-apocalyptic desert.

Call me weird I guess...

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I haven't been able to update my cellphone anonymously with Aurora since January. Every time I try, Aurora errors out with "Oops, you are rate limited".

This isn't the first time Google plays at making non-normies' lives difficult. So I tried the usual tricks, updated Aurora, tried the nightly build, waited, tried again... for months - to no avail: Google just won't play ball this time.

Last week, Signal stopped working and demanded to be updated. Fortunately, Signal offers the APK as a normal download without having to get it from the hateful Google Play store.

Today, my home banking identificator app did the same thing and stopped working. I needed to make a payment right now, and I had no way to update the app: "Oops, you are rate limited". And my bank sure doesn't offer the APK outside of anything but the goddamn Google Play store.

So I relented and created a Google account. Which of course entailed giving Google a phone number. I sure didn't give them mine, so I phoned a friend abroad who doesn't care to ask him to receive the verification SMS on his phone and read out the code to me. Which worked long enough to set up 2FA and do away with phone numbers altogether. And finally, after an hour of fucking around, annoying other people and compromising their phone number, I could update my banking app and make my payment at last.

All that because Google has decided they want to control my phone.

Fuck Google.

Seriously, how they are allowed to hold the Android world hostage like this without getting their monopolistic ass Sherman'ed AT&T-style, I'll never know. It's long overdue.

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