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For me, Noita. I don't recommend it unconditionally, but for me that game will forever be the only permanent game in my library. I expect it's possible that I could finish Elden Ring. I know I will never finish Noita.

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No, I think?

I don't actually know what a "Tankie" is. I tend to try to steer away from labels; I consider them a form of intellectual laziness. People will use them to either try to gain a feeling of belonging by adopting a line of thinking shared by their peers, or they will use them to smear those who they have defined as "others" without consideration of why these "others" might hold opinions that they don't. Labels and label-based thinking lead to tribalism and division.

If you want to know what I think about something, ask with specifics. If you want to convince me of something, present an argument with reason and evidence, and be prepared for me to pick it apart and look for flaws. There is nothing I respect more than somebody who takes a comment I make and considers it, researches it and then comes back to me with a response, or presents me with a perspective that compels me to do the same. I find both depressingly rare.

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To keep my mouth shut more than it's open.

Still working on that one, actually.

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The thing I find interesting about this image is that it oversimplifies the argument (like all internet politics), but contains the definition of the root of the problem from the side opposite that which the author is on.

See we live in a world where our livelihoods are based on us having things to do for income. Maybe someday a fantasy utopia will get built where everybody lives a life of leisure and can spend all their time focusing on what they wish to, but right now that doesn't exist. So when everything is Made in China that means nothing is made anywhere else which means opportunities for work are reduced everywhere else. This is especially painful for people whose parents were well off because of the industry in the town they lived, only to lose those opportunities because the work went to China.

Now add to that the differences in approach between geopolitical Western and Eastern governments and you have the current argument.

Tik-tok is in the crosshairs because it's convenient. Western Governments, most particularly the US, like to talk up the Free Market. Woo, Free Market, no government interference yeah! So just reaching out and legislating trade or manufacturing flies in the face of their ideology (not to mention that their campaign contributions might dry up if they piss off the oligarchs who are making big bank by manufacturing in foreign lands). Tik-Tok however, is perfectly situated. It's run by foreigners who don't fund political campaigns, and it has a practice that is politically palatable to oppose: Collecting data about Americans and storing that data within the reach of an ideologically different government.

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Dog in a Hotdog car, all the way.

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For my personal life I use a password manager, like most people in this thread. For my master password I really want a secure password (LastPass really reinforced the value of that), so I use a passphrase that is then hashed using an algorithm I can do in my head, so it's a long string of high entropy alphanumeric gibberish that I can remember easily.

At work my IT dept seems to be stuck 10 years in the past, so they have now implemented a policy that our passwords must be at least 16 characters. They keep ignoring my suggestions to get some form of corporate password manager, so I have my work passwords stored in a text file that I'm not allowed to have any form of file encryption so it just sits there in my documents folder. It's probably not going to be the source of our company getting penetrated, but I don't consider it secure.

I do like pass phrases because I find them easy to remember, but my current prime work one is really easy to make typos, so I now use the reveal password button more than I ever have before.

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I use both interchangeably. With no pattern. Much like how programs will spell check "colour". Lives are changed in equal quantities.

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And even then, that proof only applies retrospectively. It can't predict future behaviours.

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The arrogance lies in the claim of knowing the unknowable. I can't know for sure how the universe formed. I can't know for sure what happens when we die. I can't know for sure that there is or is not a force guiding the world around me and the events that occur. But if you believe in a god (or any form of faith that has answers to these questions or questions like them) then you are saying "I don't know, but I know who does", or to simplify "I don't know, but I know".

On the other hand if you read a study, or a science article, that says it has found evidence of the big bang and you say "I read in an article that a research team has found evidence of the big bang." well now you're claiming that you know you read an article. That's a claim that is easy to accept and contains no contradictions. It doesn't take much convincing for me to say that I do think that you read an article. No arrogance, just a declaration of an action.

The nuance here is that there is a difference between reading a study about the big bang, and believing in the big bang. If you're being completely scientifically honest, you know that there is a possibility it could all be wrong. It might be a slim possibility. But it is impossible for all of us to examine all of the evidence in all of science, so while it looks like belief, it is instead maintaining a perspective that the people who are studying it are doing their best, and so far their best is pointing in a direction. That's all. No need to burn people at the stake, no need to write anything in stone. Just people looking for clues and reporting that the clues are all indicating a given conclusion. Or maybe the clues they're finding are pointing all over the place. Or maybe they did the math and the math said that they needed nine spacial dimensions to make an idea work but if they had them, all the clues would point to a given conclusion. And then people living in reality said "how do we test something in nine spacial dimensions?" and all the shrugs eventually resulted in youtube videos that made me say "huh, that's interesting, it looks like maybe nobody knows how that works".

One last stupid question: Have you ever noticed how the faithful hate it, or at least express friction, when you bring up things that would bring their explanatory framework crumbling down? Meanwhile scientists are like "This poses fundamental questions about our theory of blabblegabble. I'm super excited, I might have some really serious questions to answer very soon, and we might need to really do some serious sciencing. Where's my [insert stereotypical scientific tool here]?"

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OK. I've been browsing through the Lemmy comments here, and I'm drucking funk, fuck you.

Once there was a utopia. YOU Killed it. Fuck you. Um not really a utopia, but whatever, fuck you.

The beginning of the end was Gears of War or Halo. It wasn't that they were particularly good, but they were easy. Anybody could just hop into a game. WOOOO! Game time. Then in came the corporations.

I need to give Epic a little bit of credit here. They've always been fighting against the establishment. So none of you remember the days of Unreal Tournament. You fucking mewling little pukes. The name Cliffy B means nothing to you. Once upon a time a game company made a FPS arena shooter game called Unreal Tournament. It was the sequel to their story based FPS called Unreal. It was amazing for its time, but who cares. They defined game engines in ways that are rippling to this day.

Blah blah blah, stuff, then they released a game called Gears of War. Ok, you're new here. Epic was used to releasing amazing games and then engaging with their players. I know the name CliffyB for a reason. Oh, but Microsoft is a Company. They are serious business. This is a store. Epic would release MapPacks for the UT games, and they would contain some serious work, and they were available for free. Nope said MS. This is a Store. You buy things here. Fight fight fight. Don't worry. The good guys (investment brokers) will win. Right.

But MS had Halo. Nobody here remembers the early source of Halo. The game that came before. I never played it myself, I just remember a high-school acquaintance talking about it. Something about Marathon. Yeah. Marathon, that seems like it was important. Hah ha ha ha, nothing.

Marathon becomes halo. Fuck. That's a lot of shit to contain to one sentence. Oh Well, you're dumb as fuck. Fuck you and your fucking modern ignorance.

"I can play Halo with my friends on my Xbos with such ease. I don't need to smart."

Begin the world of Consoles. This is way betterer. No brain need. Just two thumbs and some money.

"Oh, there is money here." said the people who have MBAs and not much else to speak of. (So do you know what MBA is for? It's for people who are fucking useless, but went to school anyways lol)

At this point, we need to lambaste Epic, because they took their success at game development and tried to turn it into power. "Fortnight FTW makes us have a store makes us infinite money!"

Ok, so now here we are. All the shitstains are in place, (including you lol, cough cough).

So now the people who are making decisions about games don't actually know the first fuck about anything. Not about storytelling, not about non-linear storytelling, not about emergent gameplay, not about basic gameplay. They don't understand what compels instrumental play vs free play. What they understand is that things "NAMES" sell, and you will buy.

And you're buying. Look at all the dollars you're spending on...

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What once was, and what could have been.

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and 30C° is a typo

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