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Hi all, let me know if Cara posts are not allowed :)

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Pearl St, Boulder CO, USA. Spring 2024


Since I discovered RAW Power thanks to Lemmy and used it happily since, I thought I post the availability of this more advanced app recently released. With the uncertainty around Affinity Photo after the Canva acquisition, maybe it of interest to some :)


I know this is quite personal, but does anybody know of a good sideloading backpack? I have a wandrd prvke 31l, and while I like all the organizing I'm unsure of the looks and it's quite heavy. I have a fjallraven Ulvo 23l and I really like it but it's maybe a bit too small and it's a pain to dig up my camera cube/sling underneath from my coat, drinks and food. The Peak Design Everyday pack is expensive and doesn't look like it works well with the dividers and such.

So I thought maybe there's a hiking or daypack with side loading option. Those are usually less expensive, have good build quality and with a camera cube can function fine as a gear bag. Is there such a backpack?


Taken on a small group of Islands in the Oslo fjord, called Hvasser. A 15 meter peice of fabric playing in the wind, scanned right to left in 21 seconds. Got really lucky with the clouds this time, allowing a single beam of sunlight in as a highlight.

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I'm cross-posting this here to draw attention to this awesome community that has been inactive for a while. I hope we can help it grow!

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Shot last Sunday by me. I'm hoping we can revive this community!


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Sometimes all you find are common birds and you can't always get close to them to get a good framing. This is my experiment on minimalism.


I saw the clouds starting to cover the mountain top and thought this might give a good photo.

Bear Peak - Boulder, CO, USA

Pixelfed post: https://pxlmo.com/p/buffy/698711443393578831


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Seen today in Boulder, CO, USA.

More pictures on pixelfed!


Dubai: The Frame (lemmy.world)

I think I'm going to lean into the FF E-mount world, which means giving up my D5300 + Nikon AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR (115 - 450 FF equivalent). Before kids, I used this lens for motorsports/landscape/travel. Post kids we don't do a ton of that, so I've been getting along well with a pair of 35mm and 50mm primes.

My kids are pretty young and are starting to play outdoor sports like T-ball and soccer. This has brought my D5300 + 70-300 out of retirement. I'm missing the conviences of my A9, so I'm trying to figure out what lens I should get for sports duty. At this point, everything is outdoors during the middle of the day so there's no need for a fast lens. It was pretty drizzly last weekend and my current (slow lens) setup still kept ISO below 1k most of the day with a 1/640 shutter. I figure I can comfortably double ISO and halve my shutter speed on the A9 while still getting a lower noise image than I have today, so I don't think I need fast glass.

Looking through EXIF data from the previous few games on the D5300 + 70-300 it looks like I use the full range of focal lengths, but the vast majority of shots are under 400mm FF EQ and above 150mm FF EQ. I'm a little wary of wanting more reach in a few years when the kids are on bigger fields, but they'll also be bigger so maybe it will wash out. Who knows if they'll still be interested in playing either.

So what do you think?

  • Third part lens that stops at 400? This means no teleconvertor in the future, but this seems like it would work well for today
  • First party 100-400? Adding a 1.4 teleconvertor makes this a 140-560, but it also makes the f-stop at the long end f/8 which might not be great for sports
  • 500mm? Tamron's 150-500 seems decent and doesn't call too much attention to itself, but it is heavier
  • 600mm? These lenses are all fairly bit/shouty visually, but are potentially more future proof....

shot on a7siii with a nikon Ai-s 28mm f/2.0

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So I've got a bit of color blindness going on (a bit blue and yellow, a bit more red and green (not to mention some colors are painful but that's a different story lol)) and I had a question about editing pictures to show what different colorblindness looks like. My friends keep asking me how I see things and I'd love to show them.

I've been editing pictures for years but I'd say I still have a lot to learn in the color grading and color space departments (not like it's easy for me lol)

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I primarily use Lightroom but I've been learning Dark Table recently. So either would be fine.


As seen from Colorado, USA close to midnight (May 11th, 2024).


Hi guys, made the jump to lemmy today and wanted to share a few pictures of my cats I've taken. I bought the camera a couple years ago for macro photography, primarily surveying moth populations, and busted it back out recently.

Any comments on the photography, or anything really, is welcome!

Also, I couldn't figure out how to add multiple photos, so any advice on that would be great

Temptations (OC) (lemmy.world)
Rockport, MA (lemmy.world)

Margaret Perry DaRos

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I currently own two canon cameras, an EOS M10 i bought around 2017/2018 new for around £150 and a secondhand EOS 1300d i bought last week from a second hand electronics shop for £110 (body only, i already had lenses from an old EOS 200d)

Spec wise they seem to be extremely similar cameras just with the 1300 being larger with better lenses and more manual features

My dad mentioned that he was thinking of buying a new camera as his one was bought way back in like 2010 and wasn't a particularly up to date model at the time so i am considering selling him my M10.

looking at ebay though they seem to be going for £200-400 which i find a bit strange for a camera that first hit the market back in 2015 and is way more than i paid new (although reduced to clear) from John Lewis.

Am i missing something? How much is the M10 worth? and is it really worth more than it's newer (2016) DSLR counterpart?

New gear acquired (self.photography)
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Just got my hands on an OM-1 MKII and an m.zuiko ED 100-400. No bird will be safe from me ever again!

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