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the monthly active users count didn't really seen such a drastic drop, seem like something disappointed lemmy most devoted supporters , i didn't notice a drop so big in such a short amount of time. there was also an increase in users after the initial surge of users in july due to the API drama. so i think the cooling down is over.

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openhub defines it as "moderately active".

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might be worth mentioning the c910 core this SBC is based is open source.

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It's good to see enhancement in moderations tools , there was a lot of feedback on that so i am happy this is being worked on.

With that said donations seem at a all time low (3,524), lower then when the new website started reporting donations ($3,962). on june 2 it was €4,010 , could the lemmy.ml censorship drama be related to this? maybe there is a way to mitigate this event?

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Yeah it's probably not doing great, compare lemmy active user count to that of writefreely , it does a lot better, even the number of servers is increasing, the number of other projects starting that compete with lemmy (piefed, sublinks) is also not a great sign .

Not trying to belittle anyone, i just believe in the importance of negative feedback and defensive pessimism.

On a more positive note, the amount of donations lemmy receive (which i think should correlate with high quality usage of the platform) has increased moderately (see november 2 numbers when they started posting the numbers with current numbers) .

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How is that not a security theater? , you just need to :

  • publish a good snap
  • change it to malware after it is approved
  • profit

The extra cost added to override this is fairly small, i don't think it will help.

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This shows nothing, probably some kind of glitch.

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It's pitched as a open source operation system, yet the snap store is closed source and vendor locked, one of the reasons some of us use Liniux is because we prefer open source (and there are rational justifications for that).

Hate is a strong word, but there is legitimate criticism, I also think the closed source nature of snap led to the fact that it has no volunteers and that eventually caused malware to appear on the snap store multiple time, it never happened on flathub as far as i know.

Today for beginner i think opensuse and linux mint are better.

Regarding debian having old packages , i use nix but it is fairly immature, flathub should also work.

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Best you can do is accuse something of being open washing, or correct people by saying that it does not fit the OSI definition which is widely accepted (it's based on debian guidelines) and the software is at best "partially open source".

Having a github page with a list of problematic projects and licenses could be useful.

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The name OpenTofu may sound silly

Someone should make a open source project about how to give good names to open source projects.

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Update on lemmy finances (not including cryptocurrencies)

patreon: $1,591/month

liberapay: $374.22 per week (about 1609 per month)

open collective: $2082 (29/6/2023 -> 29/7/2023)

Assuming 63K active users , the per user monetization of 0.08 dollar per user (Reddit's revenue per monthly user is roughly $1.19).

Estimated developer salary for the two main developers is about 2600$, estimated median salary for developer in the US is about 10K a month.

For comparison firefish made about 1424$ ((29/6/2023 -> 29/7/2023) with an active users count of 11868 (or 8146 if you don't count calckey, which i think is important because they added a pop up asking for donation, but i don't know if that is after the name change) so that gives a per user monetization of 0.11 dollar per user ( or 0.17 not counting calckey).

Corrections are welcomed.

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See here. The graph for six month active users is a little glitchy (I think because lemmy.ml was listed twice under two different URL).

There does seem to be very small growth in 6 month active users, not as fast as a few other fediverse platforms (such as friendica and writefreely) . but i got my fingers crossed that third party lemmy tools will create some really compelling features and help push the adoption of lemmy (I think addons can enhance open source software, like how firefox addons helped firefox adoptions).

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