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Exactly, the modern R base wants cruelty from their representatives more than anything.

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As much as I appreciated Biden's "violence has no place in American politics" comment, I had to laugh about it. Bitch, of course it does. It's a regular part of our culture. We're training elementary students to dress gunshot wounds for christ's sake. Own it.

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I did the same thing.

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bout to go buy an mf blu-ray


Has anyone else been experiencing performance problems for the last few weeks? About half my requests time out when using Jerboa. The site on desktop is a little better but Lemmy still performs pretty poorly compared to how it has in the past.

Is this an instance issue or an issue with Lemmy itself?

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Corpse/Refuse dump (midwest.social)

This is the coolest corpse/refuse disposal system I've built yet. A couple stockpiles collect the garbage, and the mine cart pulls from those. When it's full, a citizen pushes it down the track to be dumped in a nearby lava lake!

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I just found this cool utility a couple days ago and have found that it's a great solution to sandboxed versions of Discord being unable to provide rich presence. It's a Python script that queries the Steam web API to get info to forward to Discord's API. The "installer" sets up a systemd service that will auto-run the script for you.

It requires you to get your own Steam API key which was a trivial, though slightly buggy, process for me. You can optionally use your own Discord app ID, or just use the one owned by the guy that created this script.

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Midwesterner here. This is correct. Though it's missing anti-abortion ads and the PORN DESTROYS ALL LIVES signs that always follow the Adult Superstore ones.

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A vast amount of the Pacific Garbage Patch consists of discarded commercial fishing gear.

RIP James Randi (midwest.social)

RIP James Randi who died before anyone could claim the his prize for playing RB1 over the board against Levy.

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Sorry for the messy work bench but that's how it is with my DIY projects. 🙂 This is the Build Kit Boards Duo kit with a custom battery setup.

The battery enclosure is one from their site that is on fire sale due to being left over from their previous kit version. It doesn't exactly fit so I did a little work on it with a hacksaw. It is bound to the board via 8 thumb screws that attach to steel threaded inserts that I installed on the deck. I do have to remove all the screws to take the batteries out and charge them... I'd like to come up with a better solution but no good ideas so far.

For batteries I'm running three 5000mAh 4S LiPo batteries in series, so effectively a 12 cell. There is room in the enclosure for three more of these so I can have two 12 cell packs in parallel. I'm hoping for a 25 mile range from that setup.

I commuted to work on this this morning and had a blast! Electric skateboards kick ass.

I can't use AMD (midwest.social)

It's necessary for my very important hobby of generating anime nudes.

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McCain is one of the old guard Republicans that went down fighting. His final vote thumbs down for the repeal of the ACA was legendary. I didn't vote for him but I do have great respect for him.

Contrast that against all the limp dicks who are silently retiring instead of speaking out and trying to right the ship.

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"Alright, now that I'm logged in to my cloud terminal account, let me enter my root password for sudo."

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This song popped up on Sirius XM this past weekend and I loved it. It's like a blend of Dimmu and Wilderun.


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I've been gaming on Kubuntu for over 2 years now but recently have been getting interested in Garuda. I've booted into the live Dragonized Gaming iso and was really impressed with the out of the box gaming-centric setup.

I've also been looking for more reasons to switch away from Ubuntu, and have been hit with the EOL countdown for plasma in 23.04, so the time is right for a distro hop. With the latest Garuda release they added an official Hyprland variant which looks really cool too.

Does anyone use Garuda? What are your impressions/thoughts/experiences? What should I expect from switching to an Arch base? Same questions for Hyprland too.

I have 16 gigs of ram, an Intel i7 something and an nVidia 2080.

Edit: I booted into the Hyprland live iso last night and I must say, Hyprland is cool af. Really a breath of fresh air and very intuitive. I'm going to run with the install this weekend.

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I found a good stick once. Damn, that was a nice stick.

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And he makes himself right at home.

I have two nieces who get bullied at school about different things. One so bad that she is switching to online-only for the next school year.

Anti-bullying my fuckin ass. Schools aren't doing shit other than waving some flags around.

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I still wonder why console players allowed their online services to require subscriptions in the first place.

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“They need to know that they can’t just get away with examining the evidence and presenting a decision in accordance with the law.”


Just to clarify (midwest.social)
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