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Yes, I was a climber too! :)

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I won't do it regularly myself because it is boring. That is why I need to pay someone to force me; otherwise, it is another chore I do not enjoy. and am not keeping up with. I would waste far less money seeing a trainer for a bit. I also need to be very careful of old disc injuries in my spine so I am leery to do lifting without a trainer. I have a plan, I am almost done. :)

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Tiny European houses are tiny.

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I'm going to be honest: I will not do any of that lol. It does not keep my brain busy therefore, it doesn't happen. I've got that internal ADHD.

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I tripped on stairs and my foot got stuck on carpet staples during apt rennovations. They can't find what happened to the soft tissue yet, it is still purple on the side. I can walk and even hike a bit but I really feel it later. I didnt break anything, my foot was stronger than most from sports, so I basically got really bad turf toe plus something is damaged mechanically. It throws off my balance a bit too, otherwise I'd be doing yoga. They thought it would heal but it's not... It's been a few years of waiting and trying different things and tests; but I have a specialist seeing me in a few months if they don't reschedule again (the healthcare here is great, just not enough workers)...

That being said I hate, hate, hate the gym, it feels too voyeuristic and crowded. I'd rather be outside doing something fun. I know I'll go if I'm paying for a trainer. If all else fails I'll get a little Pelican kayak or find a heated pool in the next place I live and do my thing when I'm not worried about money haha.

I will say that feeling your muscles atrophy is fucking wild. Fortunately my partner is a trained masseuse that has worked on a lot of athletes!! :)

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I miss being fit. Muscle mommies are underrated. All the endorphins. First thing I'm going to do off a grad student salary is get a personal trainer. Fitness makes me feel normal and happy. I lost my six pack here, foo.

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I just used lutris lol.

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Maybe a little peppermint candy too. Horse people are weird but I love those giant doggos.

[-] fossilesque@mander.xyz 3 points 3 days ago

Test test test. Our federation is a bit fucky. Pls wait.

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