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I keep seeing men online (Reddit, Instagram, TikTok) saying how they don't know personal details about their male friends of several years. It is mostly said in a proud context, or in disbelief when a woman talks about it.

I'm talking about knowing someone for years and not knowing what they do for work specifically, their relationship status/major issues, their life goals, their family situation, birthdays, and stuff like that.

For context, I am a man in my 20s. I have a close friend group of around 10 people. We all know each other very well. We have a group chat, and meet at least once a week (obviously some people can't always make it). We know a lot of details about each other, so this idea of being close friends with someone and not knowing personal stuff about each other seems foreign and weird to me.

Does it actually happen, or just internet hyperbole?


While I understand the lack of proper open source alternatives for some software like AutoCAD and After Effects, it always felt weird that the best IDEs/Text Editors are made by big corporations, because you know, these are the tools programmers use.

I tried vim/neovim, which I enjoy using, but I've come to prefer visual editors instead of text based. Kate looks promising, and I'm willing to contribute to it in my free time, but it just has that "amateurish" feel to it that I can't explain.

Anyone aware of other alternatives?

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He is not denying that they are building settlemens. He just doesn't consider it occupation. Anything for more donors, I suppose.

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Once out of Texas, he sent a death certificate to the prison stating he had died.

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I'm almost the same as OP, but I wouldn't call it "head in the sand". For the past few years, the media has been exaggerating everything and creating mass hysteria. If you follow the news closely, you'll think the world is about to end: Wars, economical depressions, climate changes, new pandemics, etc..

Stop following the news, and you won't notice a thing. Probably the price increases, but other than that, your life is the same.


I'm talking about the Poneglyphs in Skypia, Alabasta, and Fish-Man Island for example. Like the one in FMI, we know its Joy Boy apologizing, but it would have been great if we had the full exact text.

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Looking for good games for Android. By good, I mean a game with a story, no ads or in-app purchases. I'm okay with paying for it, but I'm looking for a good experience. The game should be story-based, as in it has an ending, not an infinite game. Any recommendations?

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Counting Android is just lying. ChromeOS and WSL are a stretch, but you can make an argument for them.

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It's been a while since I used Jerboa. Will give it a try. Thanks to all contributers.

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When you reach the point of dehumanizing an entire population, you should stop and think about the amount of shit the media has filled your head with.

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HackerNews has an interesting approach: You can't downvote comments unless you reach a certain amount of "Karma", and you can't downvote posts at all, you can "flag" them, meaning you think they don't belong here. Flagging doesn't affect the vote count, but massive flagging does make the post appear lower in the feed, and alerts mods.

This, alongside the tight moderation and zero-tolerance towards flame wars in the comments makes HackerNews one of the best places on the internet imho.

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If you're still having issues with apps, try wefwef.app. I have no complaints since I started using it.

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Though if Twitter goes under, I'm sure Facebook will have a hard time explaining why they aren't a monopoly. That has been taken seriously before.

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I mean sure posts about Reddit makes us seem like the bitter ex, but they are to be expected, since it's the only thing all Lemmy users have in common: Being ex-Redditors. It will stop naturally with time.

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I was waiting for Lemmy is Fun, but honestly, wefwef.app is just amazing, I don't really care anymore.


I mean the dev is obviously free to work on whatever he wants, but I've had a Tildes account for like 2 years now, and honestly it never got any traction. Lemmy on the other hand is getting a lot of users, and it is desperately missing a non-buggy app.

Any specific reason?

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I've tried Jerboa, Connect, Thunder, Liftoff, Lemmotif, and the PWA. Jerboa has the best interface/ux imo, by far. Thunder is the least buggy to use, and the developer is a machine, doing constant updates. These 2 I think have the most potential.

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Even if a post is a couple of days old, I feel like I can still comment and be part of the conversation here. On Reddit, if you miss the first few hours, your comment will probably be unseen, so why bother?

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